Inspiration from Wild Rising

Second up in our week of posts from female entrepreneurs is Danielle Cooke, Founder of Wild Rising. 

Danielle's bath salts are one of the most requested products in our bespoke boxes, and one of the things that we get the most positive feedback on. Aside from running a business (which has recently been featured in Vogue......), Danielle has also been juggling homeschooling and a newborn baby.

Here she shares some more of the Wild Rising story with us...

Q How do you juggle running a successful business with being a mum?

Right now, I’m just glad my partner is here to help out. He lost his job (due to Coronavirus) the day before Remi (Danielle's new baby) arrived. This was a massive blessing which I thank the universe for. He’s been and is my rock.

Running a business with a newborn is hard work especially whilst she’s so small and reliant on me. However I keep reminding myself that some things can wait as there’s no rush.

What advice would you give other entrepreneurs looking to make the first big step to leaving a FT job to set up their dream business?

Just go for it. Like I said, for me it wasn’t planned, it just kind of happened naturally and very slowly.

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself and trust the process. I’m very spiritual and believe everything happens for a reason and this is the attitude I have with my business. I just go with the flow.

What is your proudest moment so far? 

Hmmm my proudest moment? You know what, I think it’s the fact that I set up a skincare business. I never dreamed I’d have a business and it was a never a plan of mine, it simply just happened. That’s my proudest moment by far.

Any top tips for surviving lockdowns, self-isolation and extra time at home with pre-schoolers and run a business?

Homeschooling my 4 year old aswell as running a business has come with its hurdles for sure. I’m making the most of him being home and using a lot of play as learning too.

Thankfully he’s reception age so it’s a little easier to homeschool than if he was older.

What’s next for Wild Rising?

There are several products I’m working on behind the scenes which include another bath salt product, a multi use balm for the face and possibly a body scrub or two. The bath salts will be the first one as I’m just waiting on my labels to arrive for these and my testing to be finalised and the balm will follow a few months later. I’m super excited about the balm because I started working on this at the very beginning and I use it in my skincare routine most days.

I’ve let Wild Rising grow organically, which means I never put timescales on anything, it’s just happens when it happens. Now with baby Remi, things may move a lot slower but I’m totally fine with this.

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