Inspiration from Flora & Wick

Five female entrepreneurs are sharing some insights into their business stories with me (and you) this week. Three are suppliers of Eliza & Ted products, one is a soon-to-be supplier, and one is bringing together a whole community of bereaved parents (me included) through her business.

Flora & Wick - Ellie McCallum 

You can find Ellie's tea lights in many of our gift boxes!

Q What inspired you to move from a successful career in costume design to candle making?
I left my job in costume because whilst it’s a great job when you are in your twenties you work very long hours and are often away from home and that just didn’t work with a young family. I loved certain aspects of the job but not the transient lifestyle. 

Running my own business lets me utilise my creative skills but from home and l got to choose my own work hours!

I pay very close attention to detail and l also love designing all the packaging and finishing touches. This is where you really see my creative/costume background put to good use l think.

Q How do you juggle running a successful business with being a mum?
Juggling my business and being a Mum has been particularly challenging this last year with home schooling. The advantage is that as l work for myself l can work around my children’s needs. This often means working before breakfast, into the evening and weekends. It can be tiring but life would be boring without challenges......right?!

Q What advice would you give other entrepreneurs looking to make the big first step to leaving a FT job to set up their dream business?
It can be scary to make the leap from working full time to running your own business. 

A lot of my working life has involved me being self-employed so for me it was less of a jump.  l am always someone who would rather go for it then procrastinate and l think you have to think like that. The time is never quite right, there will always be a reason to wait until next year. 

You have to be incredibly driven and focussed. It’s hard work and it can take a while to get established. If thinking about your business basically all the time and not really having time off isn’t for you then then you probably aren’t ready or aren’t suited to running your own business. 

On the plus side you get to work your own hours, doing something that you love and it’s the biggest buzz knowing that you and only you have made your business happen and flourish.

Q What’s next for Flora and Wick?
As a brand l am always looking at what can be tweaked to get it just right. Recently l had a bit of a scent edit and have added some new fragrances too as it’s important to have a good balance. 

I have recently started making Reed Diffusers which are perfect for the warmer months when you want fragrance but not necessarily the warmth of a flame.

I am currently developing the idea of handmade lavender pillows. So many clients buy my products to help them relax and feel pampered that l wanted to find a new product to complement my candles. The beauty is l can make them with my sewing background so l know that all the materials are natural and of the best quality.


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