Corporate gifting - treat your team this employee appreciation day

Teams make a successful business. Yes a great leader or two is important, but really the quality of the team and how they work together are crucial for success. This year Employee Appreciation Day takes place on 4 March. This is the time to say thank you to your amazing team - studies show that teams that receive recognition and reward for their hard work perform better.

Here are our top tips on corporate gifts and how to say thank you to your team at work...

1. A good old 'thank you team' every time they do something great

Thank you team for this great piece of work, thank you team for acting in line with company values, thank you team for being better than our competitors etc. (and despite the photo, don't do it with flowers, there are MUCH better gifts!)

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2. A duvet day

Everyone loves the gift of sleep! Or the chance to treat themselves with a free day off, a chance to treat themselves to an extra hour in bed, relax with family or see a friend and treat themselves to lunch out

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3. A surprise letterbox gift

Now this is something we can help with! Much better than flowers, we know employees love receiving thank you gifts in the post (or delivered to their desks at work). We help a range of small and big companies provide corporate gifts for their employees, from small thank you gifts, to bigger chocolate gift boxes, to bespoke corporate gifts that we design together

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4. A team day out

Drinks trolleys are so 2019. Say thank you to your team this Employee Appreciation Day and treat them to a day out of the office. Whether it's a day of volunteering followed by treating them to some food and drink, or a day of activities (crazy golf, anyone?).

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Feeling inspired Or feeling guilty and really need to treat your amazing team? Don't sweat, we can help you pull together the perfect corporate gifts for Employee Appreciation Day!


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