Happy birthday March babies!

March babies, it's your birthday month and celebrating your birthday in person seems very possible. What a excellent birthday treat.

We love celebrating, and in March the wider Eliza & ted family will be celebrating a lot - we need 2nd birthday gift ideas, a 30th birthday gift ideas and 60th birthday ideas! Apart from the gift of having friends and family in one place to say (or sing) happy birthday, here are our top 60th birthday gifts, 30th birthday gift ideas and other birthday gifts for her (if you're shopping for a guy we also have a range of gifts for men!).

Homemade cards from little people to lucky grandparents, aunties, uncles etc.

This is something we enjoyed doing as a new mum with our baby(ies). There are lots of ideas on pinterest for homemade cards involving little more than handprints and some cut up pieces of coloured paper. This is one of our favourite birthday present ideas (it's a low cost and personal birthday gift). We will be teaming this up with a bespoke birthday hamper for the ultimate birthday gift.

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Edible birthday present ideas

We particularly love sending these chocolate gift boxes, along with these brownies. They always go down a treat with the birthday boy or girl

The birthday gift that keeps on giving

My sister is about to celebrate a big birthday (about to turn 3-0) and will be receiving the ultimate self care gift - not only a handmade card, but a relaxing, self care subscription box, so she receives an Eliza & ted subscription gift every month, full of self care items including pamper gifts, beauty items and sweet treats. A perfect birthday gift for her (if we do say so ourselves!)

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The gift of you!

Take the birthday boy or girl out for a nice brunch/ lunch/ dinner/ boogie and some cocktails. Spending time together is an excellent gift to treat someone special with - the perfect birthday gift for her.

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We hope this has given you some good birthday gift ideas for her (and for him!). Are you looking for 30th birthday gift ideas, 60th birthday ideas and birthday gifts for her? Check out our curated gift boxes (or create your own here!).

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