Self care in the new post-covid world

We always say self care is important but after two years of lockdowns and restrictions, it's more important than ever. As England looks to remove all restrictions and move to the new post-covid way of living, it's ok if you're apprehensive. 

Here are a few self care tips to ease into the new normal:

1. Take it slowly

Don't rush! Zoom calls and meeting in smaller groups are still fine if that's what you feel most comfortable with (and you can still wear cosy pyjama bottoms without anyone knowing!)

2. Relaxing pamper nights are still important

A relaxing night in with a hot bath, these candles, facemask and bath salts, and cheeky wine and a Netflix binge are all FINE

Relaxing bath, bath salts, candles and pamper night at home. Self care treat

3. Be mindful

If you're struggling with the busyness of the new way of life, try a mindfulness journal and writing down a couple of things that you are grateful for/ make you happy each day

4. Celebrate the small things and treat your friends

It's time to celebrate again and treat new mums, treat brides to be and be able to give friends and family a happy birthday gift in person. After so many cancelled events this is bound to feel overwhelming. Don't forget you don't have to attend every party and can send a letterbox gift instead!

Birthday cake, birthday present, birthday gift for her, birthday gift box

5. Subscribe to our self care subscription gift

Subscribe to a monthly Eliza & ted self care subscription box, full of self care and pampering treats, just for you

6. Give yourself the gift of sleep

A relaxing sleep is so important for self care. Just because life is busy, doesn't mean sleep shouldn't happen so treat yourself! Aim for 8 hours a night to wake up feeling relaxed and refreshed.

new mum gift, the gift of sleep, self care and sleep for mums, self care on mother's day

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