Wild Rising Awaken bath salts

Wild Rising Awaken bath salts

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Awaken salts are a combination of natural ingredients, which improve the blood circulation, give strength to the body, tones, and improves the quality of the skin. 

Awaken contains Lavender, Jasmine and Roseessential oils to really awaken your senses, whilst bringing you peacefulness and positivity, combatting scars and minimising eczema and rosacea. Awaken also contains dried rose petals which contain vitamins and antioxidants which contribute in repairing, soothing irritated skin and promoting collagen production. 

Himalayan Salt benefits include;

✔️ Detoxification

✔️ Improves overall health

✔️ Relieves pain by easing aches and pains

✔️ Supports balance in hormones and metabolism

✔️ Aids sleep

✔️ Stimulates immune system  

 Ritual: Add a handful of Awaken to a warm bath and relax body and mind.

Tip: These salts contain moisturising coconut oil so this may make your bath slippery so please be careful.